About Deer Creek

Frustrated by the not-so-tasty limitations of diet-friendly health foods, we at Deer Creek Foods became determined to find the very best flavors to enhance our favorite recipes. Working with the finest artisans in the tortilla market, we were able to perfect our recipes and produce fabulously delicious tortillas that are unmatched by any manufacturer in the country.

Beginning with the classic Mexican inspired flavors of Salsa Verde and Smokey Chipotle, our chefs worked overtime to successfully blend traditional flavors and natural ingredients. Moving on to the old world flavors, we introduced a few unique twists like Garlic Pesto, Tomato Basil and our tangy Spinach Herb tortillas. And yet still, we new we could not ignore the classic need for a rich and hearty corn tortilla that wouldn't crack under pressure. So we blended high quality corn flour and enriched wheat flour for our one-of-a-kind Cornflower tortilla. Then, in a complete stroke of genius, we started thinking dessert...and, WOW! Our decadent Dark Chocolate Dessert tortilla was born.

We are passionate about food, flavor and your satisfaction. We aspire to provide you with a playfully unique twist on healthy and flavorful foods. Deer Creek Foods, flavor from the outside in!

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We're all about flavor!

In fact, we're convinced any recipe is better with exceptional flavor from the outside in when using our GOURMET TORTILLAS.

We only use real ingredients for a delicious, natural taste. Every tortilla is lovingly made with real wheat flour and is naturally low fat. Fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas, sandwiches and more just got a lot more interesting!